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Review: Armageddon How Trump can Beat Hillary.

As I was driving home and listening to the radio after returning from a business trip, I heard Dick Morris advertising his new book, Armageddon How Trump Can Beat Hillary. He talked about his experience as an aide to the Clintons. Sounds interesting, I thought. When I got home, I immediately reserved a copy at the library. The book was still on order and there were enough copies available for me to receive one as soon as the books arrived. A few days later, my wife Elizabeth told me she had reserved a copy and asked me if I had heard about the book. She wasn’t surprised when she I told her I had also reserved a copy. She ended up cancelling her copy and reserving an audio book instead.

As I read the book, I noticed how current it seemed to be. It almost seemed like Morris wrote the book a few weeks ago and rushed the book to print. There was one point that was a little out of date that fascinated that me. Morris talked about the assertion that Hillary founded ISIS. Remember Trump saying that? Remember all the heat the press gave him for saying it? The book was written before Trump made the assertion. Rudolph Giuliani said Clinton founded ISIS before Trump did.

The first half of the book covered the common-knowledge Clinton scandals. I was disappointed that he didn’t write about the things he would have learned as a Clinton insider. As I read the book I found myself nodding my head in agreement thinking why would anyone want to vote for Clinton. Then it occurred to me, Morris was preaching to the choir. Hillary supporters already know she’s a crook, an untrustworthy liar, and a corrupt politician who’s been involved in numerous scandals. Hillary supporters don’t care and they’re not going to read Morris’ book.

A large part of the book is focused on suggestions about what Trump needs to do to beat Hillary. Most of the advice is for Trump to point out that Hillary is not working in the best interests of her supporters. Trump seems to be heeding the advice almost to the point of using Armageddon as his playbook. Trump is driving the points suggested by Morris and the media reports on the assertions almost every day. The media is attempting to report Trump’s statements as a negative, even as Trump moves up in the polls. Hillary supporters may refuse to read the book, but they can’t avoid the daily media reports about Trump convincingly telling voters how Hillary is not acting in the best interests of her supporters.

The book explains why Trump is right about renegotiating trade deals and why the Clinton deals are bad for unions and the Clinton base. Clinton support for teacher unions is bad for minorities, and why the Iran deals are bad for the security of America. Clinton had her fingers in all of these. Trump is following the playbook and his relentless hounding of Clinton is resulting in Clinton flip-flopping on many of her core issues.

Finally, the book closes with Electoral College math.  The Democrats may have a major advantage in the Electoral College math, but if Trump focuses on a few key states, he can win the election in spite of the Democrats’ advantage.…

Religious Freedom for Muslims, not Christians

In Colorado, . Case in point. The state ruled a Christian baker who refused to bake cakes promoting homosexuality is unlawful discrimination against homosexuals, then soon after ruled an atheist baker may discriminate against Christians by refusing cakes with bible verses. In an unrelated incident, the state labor board ruled a meat packing plant cannot require its Islamic employees to work when they would rather pray. The company wouldn’t shut down its production lines five times a day so their 150 Islamic employees can pray. So the Muslim employees walked off the job. The company fired them. When the employees filed for unemployment insurance the company asserted they weren’t eligible because they were fired for cause. The state allowed the unemployment claims ruling a company cannot fire Muslim employees for refusing to work.

The employees were mostly Somali refugees. You would think they came to the United States to flee the tyranny of Islam. I wonder. Did they come here to bring their tyranny with them or were they coerced by an Islamic agitator?

The company deserved what it got. Americans won’t work for their low wages, so they brought in cheap foreign labor. And now they will have to deal with the litigation expenses and the increased unemployment insurance costs the company will have to pay. The company will likely also need to pay off the employees for “unjustly” firing them. The employees are in a small town. No one is going to hire people who don’t want to work. When their unemployment runs out the Somalis will probably go on welfare, be poor, and permanently under the influence of the agitators in the “Islamic community”.…

Congresswoman DeGette’s Disarmament Strategy

Rep. Diana DeGette sees the recent shootings near Downtown Denver as an opportunity to push her disarmament agenda rather than the tragedy it truly was. Once again she demonstrates her blissful ignorance about firearms.  She uses menacing terms like “military style assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines.  Let me set the record straight.  The right to own “military style assault weapons” is already severely infringed (what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand Diana?). The purchase of a real “military style assault weapon” requires an extensive background  investigation and paying an exorbitant tax. She’s referring to firearms like the AR15 which is a civilian firearm. The Americanized AK47 is not a “military style assault weapon” either. A real AK47 is an automatic weapon. The Americanized AK47 is not. Furthermore, Diana, a 30 round magazine is a standard capacity magazine. It’s not a “high capacity” magazine.

By using the term “gun safety”, she’s depending  on an uniformed population that’ll permit her to sneak in her disarmament agenda.  I for one know she’s using the frog in the pot of water approach.  Throw a frog in a boiling pot of water and he’ll jump right out. Put him in cool water and turn the heat up slowly and he’s cooked (disarmed) before he realizes it.  I don’t know about the rest of the frogs, but the water is already much too hot for me.

Finally, she staged a sit-in on the House floor to push her agenda to disarm Americans without due process. Depriving people on the “no-fly” list their right to keep and bear arms may sound like a good idea on the surface. Except there is no due process. The government can put anyone on the no-fly list for any reason. Want to disarm a law abiding dissident?  Put him on the no-fly list. Poof! Rights gone.…

Keep Abortion Legal and Safe (yea, right)

The abortionists claim another victory. The Supreme Court rules imposing medical safety standards imposes an unreasonable burden on a woman’s right to kill her unwanted baby. I thought women wanted abortions to be both legal AND safe. NOT ANY MORE!…

Colorado Emissions Testing, the Bad and Good

Colorado emissions testing is an unnecessary burden and expense forced upon the people by a corrupt and oppressive government. In the Denver, Colorado area, vehicles are required to be inspected every two years before they can be registered. Welfare and food stamp recipients are required to have their cars tested but most of them can register their vehicles without passing the emissions test. People who work for a living are required to either bring their cars into compliance or spend at least on $715 repair bills.

The emissions racket does have a drive-by program. If a vehicle drives by two different mobile roadside testing locations and pass, the owner will receive a notice on their registration renewal that they do not need to bring their car into a brick-and-mortar testing facility. They will still need to pay the $25 extortion fee.

Two years ago, I worked in affluent Boulder. On my way to work I would regularly pass roadside testing sites. My renewal said Emissions Test Not Required but I still had to pony up the $25 shakedown. I later switched to a new job that was in an area only slightly less affluent than Boulder. No roadside tests on the way to work. When I took my car to the testing facility, the tester tested my car then immediately demanded the $25 fee, scribbled on the form, then finally handed me the marred form and informed me that my car had failed. When the tester started writing on the form, I immediately knew my car had failed the test even before he informed me of the results.

That was my second vehicle that had failed over a period of only a few months. After the first vehicle failed, I took it to our regular mechanic. He told me the car failed because the engine was worn out. My options were to rebuild the engine or to register in a county that did not require the test. I live only two blocks inside the testing area. Two blocks further out, I’d be in Park County and would have been able to avoid this testing nonsense. There was one other option. A new O2 sensor might help but it was a longshot, no guarantees. After picking up the car, our mechanic proclaimed the car would pass. “Guaranteed!”. It didn’t. The mechanic was not sympathetic or helpful when we told them it failed. If we wanted them to look at it again, they would charge us $100 for additional diagnosis. Up until that time we were good customers, the mechanic provided us good service and treaded us more than fairly.

As you may have noticed I do not have a high opinion of the emissions testing program.   Air Care Colorado does offer a service which I do have a high opinion of. If a vehicle fails twice, Air Care Colorado will provide a diagnosis and make recommendations at no charge. When we took our first car in, they told us if there was no warning light for the O2 sensor replacement was a waste of money. The problem was a bad catalytic converter. They recommended we replace our converter with a California catalytic converter. When we found a new mechanic, we insisted he install a California converter. He complied with our wishes and replaced the converter per the recommendation. The car passed.

After our Mercedes failed the first time, I took the car to our new mechanic. We discussed options and mutually decided the best course of action would be to replace the spark plugs. He told us we had the wrong kind of spark plugs for our vehicle, replaced the plugs and told us the car seemed to run better. I didn’t necessarily expect the car to pass the second time around, but I hoped it would at least get closer to passing. I watched the monitor as the vehicle was being tested. “Second chance test”. That didn’t sound good. In Colorado, after a fail, the second test is “free”. Is the monitor saying this was my second, “free” test, or did it mean the car had already failed and it was testing again just to make sure?

Since there was no charge for the second test, the tester didn’t demand I pony up before informing me of the results. Even before printing the form she said “I don’t think you passed”. Then she printed the form, scribbled on it, then told me I had a lousy mechanic. The car failed worse than it did the first time. My new mechanic had no idea about what do next. “Take it to another mechanic for an estimate, let them determine what needs to be done, then bring it back to me” he said.

I had good experience with Air Care’s diagnosis of the first vehicle so I took the Mercedes in for the no-cost analysis. Different analyst, different recommendation. I have a bad O2 sensor Justin said. I asked “but there was no dash light”, he said he tested it and regardless of the light, the sensor was bad. Justin then spent time with me explained in detail why the bad sensor was causing the car to fail. I asked him about other things I can do to get a better chance of passing. He patiently and professionally answered all my questions. I asked him if changing the fuel would help.

“Lower or higher octane?”

“No that won’t help.”

“Higher alcohol in the fuel?”

“Don’t do that. It won’t help and may cause damage”

So I followed Justin’s recommendation and paid a different mechanic to replace the O2 Sensor. The car passed.

I still believe the emission testing program is a racket and a scam. Emissions testing is an infringement on the people’s rights by a tyrannical government. I resent being forced to take in my car for testing and then stressing over whether or not my car will pass. But there is one high point in the program. I have a high regard for the technicians who performed the diagnosis and analysis and made recommendations about what we needed to do to get our vehicles to pass. My regular mechanics couldn’t figure out the problems. The Air Care technicians were able to determine exactly what I needed to do to pass the damn test.…

Support of Ground Zero Mosque a Bad Idea

Seems to me that liberal politicians are backtracking on their public support of the Islamic Triumphal mosque to be built near Ground Zero.  They came to a decision that it is unwise to support a shrine that honors the murder ot 3000 Americans.

Liberal and conservative politicians alike are starting to see the light. Americans are becoming more and more anti-Muslim. Politicians realize public support of Islam is unwise.  Although politicians generally try to remain Politically Correct (PC), they’ll drop PC in a heartbeat if they thought being so could be a threat to winning their next election.

Non politician PC folks will continue their support of the shrine.  They consider opponents of the Islamic Triumphal mosque to be taken in by mob mentality. They don’t care about the anti-US Islamic “death to America” mobs . Anyone remember the Islamic “mobs” dancing in the streets after 3000 Americans were murdered by a bunch of Islamic lunatics?

Yea, yea the PC thing to say is Islam is a religion of peace, the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful yada yada yada. If those statements were true, why doesn’t the “vast majority” come out and denounce these acts? Why do they tolerate these types of “people” in their midst?

Not many think they don’t or shouldn’t have the right to build their hate shrine. But just because it’s their legal right, that doesn’t mean we can’t object to it.

Call me a bigot for feeling this way, I don’t give a damn. (Sticks and stones….)…