Support of Ground Zero Mosque a Bad Idea

Qinghai_Duoba_great_mosqueeSeems to me that liberal politicians are backtracking on their public support of the Islamic Triumphal mosque to be built near Ground Zero.  They came to a decision that it is unwise to support a shrine that honors the murder ot 3000 Americans.

Liberal and conservative politicians alike are starting to see the light. Americans are becoming more and more anti-Muslim. Politicians realize public support of Islam is unwise.  Although politicians generally try to remain Politically Correct (PC), they’ll drop PC in a heartbeat if they thought being so could be a threat to winning their next election.

Non politician PC folks will continue their support of the shrine.  They consider opponents of the Islamic Triumphal mosque to be taken in by mob mentality. They don’t care about the anti-US Islamic “death to America” mobs . Anyone remember the Islamic “mobs” dancing in the streets after 3000 Americans were murdered by a bunch of Islamic lunatics?

Yea, yea the PC thing to say is Islam is a religion of peace, the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful yada yada yada. If those statements were true, why doesn’t the “vast majority” come out and denounce these acts? Why do they tolerate these types of “people” in their midst?

Not many think they don’t or shouldn’t have the right to build their hate shrine. But just because it’s their legal right, that doesn’t mean we can’t object to it.

Call me a bigot for feeling this way, I don’t give a damn. (Sticks and stones….)

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