Way to go Arizona!

Arizona finally did what the federal government won’t.  Oh the outrage!!!!! Boy did that that law light the fuses on the liberals’ tampons.

Now they are screaming bloody murder with lies, lies lies. The law will cause racial profiling they say. Why would they say that?? Because most illegals are… Mexicans?? First of all the law does not encourage racial profiling of Mexicans.  As a matter-of-fact, the law prohibits profiling. On the other hand, when a cop pulls over a speeder with no license, no insurance, can’t speak English, he’s probably an ILLEAGAL.  No more setting him loose.

The law, simply says local governments cannot set illegals free simply because they are illegals.  No more two-tier justice for illegals.  No more letting foreign criminals go free to avoid subjecting them them possible deportation.  These ILLEGALS don’t belong here in the first place. Unfortunately, I don’t see how the new law can make a difference anyway.  Once local governments turn over foreign criminals to the Feds, the Feds are going to put them right back on the street anyway. President Obimbo, even said enforcing immigration laws is a bad idea.

Let’s look who’s against the laws.  Liberals, so see a huge voting block of needy, illiterate peasants.  Catholic clergy see an increasing flock in an otherwise declining church.  Hispanics don’t like the law. They put their Mexican heritage before their American heritage.  I never understood that.  If they are so proud of their Mexican heritage, why don’t they go to Mexico?  If the illegals are so proud of their Mexican heritage, why are they here?  These people want to turn the US into another cesspool like Mexico. The Mexican president is whining about the law because if other states were to adopt the law, it could have a serious impact on Mexico’s second biggest export.  Poverty.

I say, good for you Arizona.  Now stand up to the liberals.  Stand up to the Hispanics who are more proud of the Mexican Cesspool than the American Dream.

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